FOR LEBANON من أجل لبنـــــــان

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The solidarity campaign “FOR LEBANON” continues to help thousands of Lebanese to survive the brutal war repercussions

The devastating effects of the war and month-long siege left hundreds of Lebanese families in a huge humanitarian crisis that sustains under ongoing insecurity. Many families have returned to their homes and villages, yet a large number are left homeless, with no access to food or medical care, and no means of living after the massive destruction of industrial and trade facilities.

As we approach the new school year, the holy month of Ramadan, and Winter, we have to remember the children of these Lebanese families affected by the war.

We invite you to contribute to the current humanitarian relief efforts through donating to the Popular Aid Committee, a non-governmental, non-profitable Lebanese association active in Lebanon since 1978, awarded the golden award of merit by the Lebanese government. PAC carries out organized campaigns to deliver aid packages to families regularly, especially in the period leading to the holy month of Ramadan, and helps hundreds through its 26 dispensaries and medical centers, and 8 civil defense centers around Beirut, Saidon, Tripli and Akkar.

Funds can be wired directly to the Popular Aid Committee:

Banque Libano-Française: Account number: 10/477400
Audi Bank: Account number: 747672

Or you can submit your donation in Cairo to Global Consultants:
4 Ibn Kathir Str., Branching from Nile Str., Suez Canal Tower, 5th Floor, Dokki, Giza. Phone: (02) 7497004 / 7625348

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just How Many are Enough to Mobilize Your Human Conscience?

The Genocide in Numbers:
(As of August 01, 2006)

841 Killed
3,243 Injured
913,760 Displaced

Source: Higher Relief Council, Lebanon

Put together these numbers make Quarter of the entire population in Lebanon.

Help us rescue the living... don't let them be the next to die...
Funds, Medicines, Food, Hygiene Supplies … All possible donations Urgently Needed…

Monday, July 31, 2006

A Call on Your Human Conscience

IMAGINE... Your child a dead corpse in your hands…
This is What Happens in Lebanon Everyday

We feel sad but we shift the TV channel, finish our meal, go to work, or sleep…
You think you can not do anything...

Act Upon the Call of YOUR Human Conscience
Help Heal Some of The Pain… of loss, death, injury, hunger & terror
Respond to the children’s cries in horror at the sight of brutal deaths all around…

We have launched the solidarity campaign “FOR LEBANON” to raise Humanitarian Aid for 100s of Injured and 1000s of Internally Displaced Families in Lebanon.

Thousands of internally displaced families are living in public parks, school and university buildings and underground parking lots in severe, unhealthy, barely human living conditions…
They have been forced to flee their homes and villages under atrocious Israeli shelling, to save their children…
Now their children lack proper nutrition and hygiene…
Their injured are not receiving proper medical help…
And their elderly can barely survive the lack of medications for chronicle diseases…

This is no time for passive compassion...
The smallest donation makes a big difference…
You CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE to the living, who may be the next to DIE, unless you HELP

The Humanitarian Campaign “FOR LEBANON” is run by Global Consultants in collaboration with the Popular Aid Committee (PAC) in Lebanon. PAC’s brave aid workers will see that your donation reaches the people in need… in good time to beat continuously deteriorating conditions.


FINANCIAL Donations are being collected by GC, please contact:
Global Consultants, 4 Ibn Kathir Street, branching from Nile Street, Suez Canal Tower, 5th Floor, Dokki, Giza.
Phone: (02) 7497004 / 7625348 - (010) 4444892

Or Funds can be wired directly to the Popular Aid Committee:
Banque Libano-Française: Beirut, Verdun, Account number: 10/477400
Audi Bank: Beirut, Al Basta, Account number: 747672

All item donations will be shipped in coordination with the Lebanese Embassy in Cairo.

Priority Items:
1. Medicines
for fast spreading diseases and chronicle conditions:
Pain killers - Antibiotics - Skin medicines: for allergies, infections, contagious diseases - Chronicle diseases: diabetes, blood pressure, heart conditions - Sleeping disorders
2. Foodstuff: Baby Foods: Milk, infant formula - Dried and Canned foods
3. Clothing and baby gear including diapers
4. Sheets and Covers, Pillows, Mattresses
5. Hygiene Kits

Basic Needs for the Popular Aid Committee's Dispensaries and Medical Centers:
1. Ambulances to help injured and wounded persons.
2. Electrocardiography
3. Echography
4. X-Ray (Radiography)
5. Examination tables
6. Tensio-meter
7. E-N-T scope
8. Surgical tools
9. Screens to display environmental and sanitary movies
10. Tools for the Civil Popular Defense such as muzzles, holders, cords, mattocks, shovels, sliding bags, costumes.
11. Balances for babies
12. Handicapped chairs
13. Water beds
14. Crutches in different sizes for all ages.

Contact Information
In Egypt
Global Consultants, 4 Ibn Kathir Street, branching from Nile Street, Suez Canal Tower, 5th Floor, Dokki, Giza. Phone: (02) 7497004 / 7625348 - (010) 4444892

In Lebanon
Popular Aid Committee Main Office, Bourj Abi Haidar, Chahine Bldg., 1st Floor, Beirut. Phone: (+961-1) 307616. Fax: (+961-1) 819650. Email: